A few weeks ago I was aked if I am only making World War 2 paperwork or if I could make World War 1 paperwork aswell. Sure I can make World War 1 paperwork too, no Problem, was my answer. The only thing is I haven’t got any World War 1 original paperwork to reproduce. And I also said that Geoff of Tommy’s Pack Fillers (http://www.tommyspackfillers.com) is making World War 1 paperwork.

“Yes, but only British Paperwork and non German nor French or Belgium”, I got back as anwer.

Well, then I will give it a go to make those asked German, French, Dutch and Belgium World War 1 paperwork. Maybe American paperwork too. Something for the future I think. After saying this, I ended up looking on eBay for German stuff, bid on several items and won two of them. A Soldbuch and a Wehrpass. More will surely follow…

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So this will be one of the projects for the future too… If you have World War 1 paperwork in your collection which you would like to be reproduced, just write me a line…

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If you want something that is not available in the webshop, or if you have original piece of paperwork that you would like to have reproduced, or you want some paper props made for your next movie production, please get in touch me. Then I can see if I can make it for you.