Finally I finished my Smith’s Crisps bag project. About 11 years ago I had bought a repro crisps bag from Paul Woodage (Polar Bear Enterprises) and for all those years I had the intention to make a reproduction of it myself. After searching for more information I found the right logo on a metal box, which I used for making the correct logo.

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In a book of Robert Opie I read that recycled paper was used for packaging, just to save paper. And based on the reproduction of Paul, I had to look for recycled paper, found it and yesterday I made my first drafts of the Smith’s Crisps wartime paper bag.

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Now I have to find out how to wax the paper. Then it will be ready. Maybe with hair wax spray or spray to wax coats. Not sure if this would be any good. Else I would just leave it the way it is…

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