1 Ruble banknote – 1938


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1 Ruble banknote – 1938

Reproduction of a 1 Rubel Banknote from 1938. Used by the Soviet Army during the war. Great item to shove in your pocket.

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A reproduction of a 1 Rubel banknote from 1938, used by the Soviet Army during the war, would be an authentic replica of the original currency used during World War II. This reproduction note would be an accurate representation of the original banknote, printed double sided in full colour on off-white (cream) paper, with accurate colors and design details. As a piece of historical memorabilia, it would be a valuable addition to any collection of military or currency artifacts. This reproduction banknote serves as a reminder of the role played by the Soviet Union in the war, and the importance of currency and finance in wartime operations.

Great item to shove in your pocket.

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High Quality Paperwork

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