Neilson’s Macaroon Chocolate wrapper


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Neilson’s Macaroon Chocolate wrapper

Reproduction of a wartime Canadian Chocolate wrapper of the William Neilson Limited Chocolate company in Toronto, Canada. This wrapper fits nicely over a modern 40g chocolate bar.

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Reproduction of a Wartime Canadian Chocolate Wrapper from the William Neilson Limited Chocolate Company in Toronto, Canada. This vintage wrapper has been carefully recreated to preserve the original design, and it fits perfectly over a modern 40g chocolate bar.

The William Neilson Limited Chocolate Company was a prominent chocolate manufacturer in Canada during the early 20th century, and their macaroon chocolate was a beloved treat for many Canadians during wartime. The iconic wrapper design featuring bold lettering with the word MACAROON and is a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era.

Printed in full colour, this reproduction wrapper features vivid colors and crisp, clear images that faithfully replicate the original design. Whether you’re a collector of wartime memorabilia, a history buff, or simply appreciate vintage design, this reproduction wrapper is a perfect addition to your collection.

Not only is this reproduction wrapper a piece of history, it also serves a practical purpose. Its size is designed to fit perfectly over a modern 40g chocolate bar, making it an ideal way to package and display your favorite sweet treat.

So why settle for a plain chocolate bar wrapper when you can elevate your snacking experience with the Reproduction of a Wartime Canadian Macaroon Chocolate Wrapper? Order yours today and indulge in a taste of nostalgia.

Nice wrapper to have with you for your Canadian impression.

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Weight 1,1 g
Dimensions 105 × 135 mm


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High Quality Paperwork

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