French ID Card (Carte D’Identité) 1940

High Quality Paperwork

French ID Card (Carte D’Identité) 1940


Reproduction of a wartime French ID Card. Great item to have in your pocket.

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Reproduction of a French ID card (Carte d’identité) from 1940 – a stunning replica of one of France’s most important historical documents. This meticulously crafted reproduction captures the authentic look and feel of an original Carte d’identité issued during the early 1940s, a period of great political and social upheaval in France.

Constructed from high-quality cardstock material, this reproduction ID card features a beautifully designed front complete with spaces for the bearer’s personal information and a photograph.

The card is an exact replica of an authentic French ID card issued during the 1940s, right down to the distinctive typography and intricate graphic design. Whether you’re a collector of historical documents or simply appreciate the unique cultural heritage of France, this reproduction Cardstock French ID card (Carte d’identité) is a must-have item for your collection or to have in your pocket during events.

Printed in black colour on light brown Cardstock.

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 87 × 123 mm


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High Quality Paperwork

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