One of the first books I bought about WW2 paperwork was the book of Ray & Josephine Cowdery called “Papers Please!”.

Identity Documents, Permits, and Authorizations of the Third Reich

This book presents a broad range of Nazi-era documents in full-color and provides a page-by-page analysis of each one. It is written with a clear encyclopedic style that teaches the reader the process for interpreting any Third Reich document. Beautiful reproductions record the process the Nazi government used to extend its control into organizations that would have been private in any other country. A chilling historical treatise that finally sheds light on a long overlooked subject.

The back of the book says: “Few people are as ideally suited to research and write a book on the subject of Third Reich identity documents as Ray and Josephine Cowdery. They come by their interest in military history naturally: Josephine was born in Amstelveen, the Netherlands of parents that survived the Nazi occupation of her country, and Ray’s father was a combat medic with the US 4th Armoured Division during World War II. Both grew up in homes which the history of World War II was discussed with regularity by people who had been there.
Ray’s busines took him to Europe often in the 1970s and he and Josephine met there. Since 1983 the Cowderys have organized and guided military history and collector tours of Europe for North Americans. Leading several tours and doing tour scouting trips to Europe each year provided the Cowderys with a unique opportunity to conduct in depth research and scavenge flea markets, antique shops and junk stores for examples of Nazi documents, unique and ordinary.
Josephine’s five language fluency and Ray’s years of research of Nazi paramilitary organizations proved to be the right combination. Together they have produced the only book that allows American readers to gain an appreciation of the complex and often confusing world that was Nazi Identity documentation.
The Cowderys live in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota with their two cats”.

Over 200 B&W and color illustrations with 144 pages. Nice resource with a lot of background information for my reproductions.

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