Yesterday evening I managed to finish an old project. The green Lucky Strike label which I had planned for years. I already wrote about the Lucky Strike label on this website, but in short:

In 1940, they changed the word Cigarettes to a small font under the red circle. Then, due to the demand for green pigment for the war effort, they changed the color of the pack to white in 1942/43. Lucky Strike was spelled out on the bottom of the 1943 white pack. This was a carry over from the green design.

This kind of package was in use from 1940 till 1943. Text on the tax label says: SEA STORES – For consumption outside the U.S. Penalty for fraudulent relanding or sale in the U.S. So it would be something for the American re-enactor to carry with him in his early days of the war, visiting the UK.

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