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The last couple of days I am busy making repro’s. Yesterday I made two different packs of the Kristall Süßstoff Saccharin H Packung. It was a German sugar substitute before and during the war.

They were carried by soldiers for sweetening different food items. A great addition to any German WW2 personal items collection.

What is saccharin?

Saccharin is a low-calorie sugar substitute that was first discovered in 1879. In fact, it was used to sweeten foods when sugar was rationed during World War I and World War II. It is 200 to 700 times sweeter than sugar, depending on how it is used. Saccharin leaves an aftertaste some people can detect when they consume it, but that is often eliminated in prepared foods by combining it with another sweetener. Saccharin is also known by brand names such as Sweet ‘N Low and Sweet Twin.

What is it used in?

Saccharin is found in many foods and drinks, including chewing gum, canned fruit, baked goods, and soft drinks, and as a tabletop sweetener. It is also used in some medicines and vitamins. Saccharin can also be used as a substitute for sugar when you are baking.

Reproduction from a original WWII Era German Blue Packet of Saccharin.

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