Some time ago someone asked me if the KatKat was wrapped in aluminium foil or something else during the Second World War. Well my answer was, it was wrapped in greaseproof paper, because the aluminium was used i.e. for the plane industry. So this question made me think of writing this “How to wrap your KitKat” article. And I hope it helps you creating your own rations for your next event. (If you want to know some more about the Blue KitKat label, then have a look at this article).

Step 1: What do you need?

Well what you need is following:
• 1 KitKat bar
• 1 KitKat wrapper
• Glue
• Baking paper (or greaseproof paper)
• Sharp knife
• Ruler
• cutting mat


Step 2

What you do first is cut the baking paper in the appropriate size. In this case 16 x 16 cm will do to wrap the KitKat bar.


Step 3

First you take the modern KitKat bar out of the modern foil and place it onto the piece of baking paper. Wrap it in the piece of baking power and apply a little bit of glue to close the wrapper.


Step 4

Now you take the KitKat label and wrap it tight over the KitKat bar. Apply some glue on the label and close it.


Step 5

Well this isn’t really a step, because after closing the label you are ready with wrapping your KitKat bar. But now your KitKat is ready to be taken with you to your next event. ;-) And if you have more KitKat bars you wrap them to… Have fun..!


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