Well, this time we are going to assemble a tin of Nescafé. With this step by step “How to”, I will explain how you can do it. One of the most easiest things to do.

Step 1 – The materials:

– 1 Nescafé label (A British or German one from the shop)
– 1 Pot of instant Coffee
– 1 empty paint tin (250ml)
– Some glue

2013 11 16 17.47.07 small

Step 2

Put some glue on the backside of the label, on the side of the white disclaimer field and stick the label onto the tin.

2013 11 16 17.48.14 small

Step 3

Wrap the label around the tin.

2013 11 16 17.48.46 small

Step 4

Put some glue on the other end of the backside of the label and stick it onto the tin.

2013 11 16 17.49.22 small

Step 5

Well done, you have managed to stick the label around the tin (An applause for yourself ;-)) That was quite easy, wasn’t it?

2013 11 16 17.51.01 small

Step 6

This is even easier than the previous steps. Now we have to fill the tin with the instant Coffee from the pot.

2013 11 16 17.51.56 small

Step 7

Well done, the tin is filled. And now we have to close the tin with the lid and we are finished.

2013 11 16 17.54.07 small

Last Step

Well, this last step is totally up to you. Since you have your tin of Nescafé done you can put it on display at your next show or use it to make yourself a cup of coffee at your next event. Have fun…

2013 11 16 17.57.00 small

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