In December 2012 I wrote an article about German documents. And in that article I wrote that I was in no hurry of making a Soldbuch, because there are many other vendors out there who makes them. In the past few months I have been asked several times if I could make one, because a lot of those repro Soldbücher are of poor quality so to say. As you know by now I rather work from originals instead of copies or scans. And after searching I managed to find an original Soldbuch. This came with some other small books, all from the same person. The lot contained a ‘Lehrbrief’ (Qualification papers), a ‘Schießbuch’ (Shooting Score book), a ‘Mitglieds-Paß’ (Memberships pass), ‘Grundschein’ (basic certificate First Aid) and the Soldbuch.
2014 03 18 10.15.54
Now I finally can start making a Soldbuch. The biggest problem will be finding the right cardboard for the cover.
2014 03 18 10.16.22
It’s a pity though that a couple of pages are glued together. But nevertheless with this Soldbuch and all the information I have, I can make a good repro.
2014 03 18 10.17.34
Would be nice of making the ‘Schießbuch’ and ‘Mitglieds-Paß’ too. Both have a linnen cover.
2014 03 18 10.20.06
2014 03 18 10.20.57

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