Gauloises cigarettes are one of the most famous French cigarette brands. Gauloises originated in 1910, as a non-filtered cigarette produced of Turkish tobacco blended with dark sorts of Cavendish tobacco, which in combination offered this brand a bold and distinctive flavor.
In the 1920-1940s Gauloises were among the symbols of patriotism, and smoking these cigarettes was associated with “heartland” values and rebels against the Vichy Regime. This flagship cigarette brand was a source of inspiration for many French and European artists, including Jean-Paule Sartre, Pablo Picasso, Albert Camus and many others.

After several questions of re-enactors, if I could make the labels for French cigarettes, I started this project. Bought a original wartime packet of Gauloises and started to reproduce the label and tax seal which comes with it. And now I do have the label and tax seal for sale in the shop ( so you could ensemble your own (dummy) packet of cigarettes.

Just finished a new project of French Cigarettes. The 1943/44 version of Gauloises. Gauloises were introduced in 1910, then redesigned in 1936 to feature the famous winged Gallic helmet logo.

This 20 cigarette package label is printed on Kraft paper and comes with a tax seal.

So now German re-enactors, French resistance fighter re-enactors and American re-enactors can make their own Gauloises cigarette package…

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