One of the many things I would like to make is the British 24 hour Ration box with it’s contains. Not for display but with the real deal as far as that would be possible. On the WWIIReenacting.co.uk Forum we have a thread where we discuss the matter.

Searching the internet about the 24h Ration pack it’s hard to find a picture of an original Pack. I found this picture on the left and pictures of an instructions leaflet which came with the Ration pack. If you look closely to the picture of the leaflet, you will find the printer’s markings on the botom. Nice to know that this instruction leaflet was printed in October 1943. In some stories on the internet I had read that this Ration pack came after D-Day, which is in my opinion (based on this leaflet) not true.

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Now on with the contains of the Rat pack. The leaflet says:

This box contains the full rations (in concentrated form) for one man for one day as follows:-
– 10 biscuits
– 2 sweetened oatmeal blocks.
– tea/sugar/milk blocks (may be wrapped together).
– 1 meat block. (May be several wrapped together).
– 2 slabs of raisin chocolate.
– 1 slab of plain chocolate.
– boiled sweets.
– 2 packets of chewing gum.
– 1 packet of salt.
– meat extract tablet(s).
– 4 tablets of sugar.
– 4 pieces latrine paper.

Next quest is where to find the right items, with the right dimensions. (This project will be continued…)

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