British and Canadian Troops

British and Canadian Troops, that had been through Normandy, could have items from leave in Paris, ENSA shows, and other local French items. By this stage they would be less likely to have bus tickets from England still in their pockets. Also they could have had Belgium items in their pockets. French or Belgium cigarettes, purchased in local shops, etc.

As shown on the Photo, Privates Butler and Allen of the 1st South Lancashire Regiment examine their leave tickets and ration cards after they were successful in a draw to go on UK leave, 1 January 1945. They also have some Dutch (liberation) money with them.

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American Troops

American Troops that had been through France could carry French items in their pockets from their leave in Paris, beside their American paperwork. Don’t think they would carry any British items anymore, after D-Day.

American Troops only went through the south (part of Brabant and Limburg) of the Netherlands to Germany. They were either involved, or had just left the Battle of the Bulge in the Belgium Ardennes.

german soldiers guarding a food dump

German Troops

German Troops in Belgium and Holland could carry Belgium and Dutch items in their pockets. Think of Theater tickets, cigarettes, and such. And ofcourse their own German paperwork.

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